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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn't answered here
...please feel free to contact me!

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How do I order my pet portrait ?

Ordering is simple - and you have three options.

1/ Print out my order form by clicking on the form button top left of any page on my website. Print the form, fill it in and post to me with your photos and 30% deposit, cheques payable to 'dreambox'. If your photos are digital you can instead email these to me - but still post your form.

2/ Order using the PayPal® buttons on the ordering page (a 30% deposit at this stage). Then use my more simplified form, copy and paste this into an email and fill it in, attach your digital photos and email to me at

3/ Alternatively, purchase a gift voucher. Click on the gift voucher button at the top right of any page on my website. You can buy securely using PayPal®. I'll email a personalised gift voucher for you to print out on your home printer which you can present as a gift.

Ordering info can be found on the Order your portrait page.


Can I order a pet portrait if I live outside the UK ?

Sure, no problem!

I've often taken commissions from the US, Australia, Canada as well as from all over the UK. Delivery costs will depend on the size/weight of your portrait as well as your location. Get in touch to enquire further.


What portrait sizes do you offer, and how many animals fit on each one ?

I offer five standard sizes of canvas:

Ex Small - 10" x 12"
Fits 1 small animal head - or - whole body of small animal or bird.

Small - 12" x 16"

Fits 2 small animal heads - or - whole body of small animal or larger bird.

Medium - 16" x 20"
Fits 1-4 animal heads (depending on size of animals) - or - whole body of small to medium animal.

Large - 18" x 22"
Fits 1-4 animal heads (depending on size of animals) - or - whole body of medium animal (can be life size).

Ex Large - 20" x 24"

Fits 1-4 animal heads (depending on size of animals) - or - whole body of medium animal (can be life size). Can also allow two life size studies of medium sized animals.

Discounts are given on multiple small mammals and birds in a portrait.


Do you offer bespoke canvas sizes ?

All my canvases are hand made using wooden stretcher bars and quality fine art canvas.

If you're looking for an unusual size I can easily do this for you. The cost of the job would be adjusted accordingly so please get in touch to get a quote.


Do I need my pet to pose for you or do you work from photographs ?

Most of my commissions are for customers some distance away, as a result all my portraits are created from photos.

Simply make sure - if possible - that your photos are a good likeness of your pet. When placing your order you can also make reference to your pet's nature and give me any relevant info in the 'additional notes' section.


Can you give me some advice on photos ?

• If possible please send me at least two clear close up photos of your pet's head. Photos are always best taken outside in natural light. Indoor flash photography can wash out your pet's natural colouring, and cause red-eye.

• Focus on your pet's head, and get as much of the head and neck area in your photo without cropping off the ears. Try to take the photographs at your pet's eye level, without having it look up at you unless you want this to be the final pose in your portrait.

• If you want a full body portrait also supply detailed photos of the complete animal, without cropping paws and tail (if the detailed head photos match - perfect!).

• Another tip is to avoid being too close to your pet which can cause distortion, instead, stand a bit further back and zoom in - still filling the photo.

• Additional pets, features, or backgrounds can be combined from separate photographs, and elements such as unwanted backgrounds, collars and leashes can be omitted.

• If your pet doesn't sit still for you, try holding up a favourite toy near your camera so its attention is directed where you want it to be. Brand new squeaky toys work great - but don't over use the squeak!


Can more than one subject appear in a painting ?

Yes, this is certainly possible.

I've worked on paintings with as many as seven pets in one portrait and the results are always outstanding.


Is it possible to have a more detailed or complex background for my pet's portrait ?


I can either add a background with diffused colours and tones to enhance the pet or I can create an entire indoor or outdoor environment. I work with the client to determine what background would best set off the pet. However, in most cases a soft diffused background works just fine!


Can I have a number of pets from different photos combined into one painting ?

Photo editing comes as standard and is available for every order - and it's free! Have as many pets as you want in your painting!


What happens when my portrait is finished ?

After I've completed your portrait I'll let you know by email.

You'll be able to come back to my website and proof it by clicking on the easel button at the top right of any page.

After you've checked it and paid the balance (on being happy of course) - an appointment will be made for collecting the finished portrait from my studio.

Alternatively, If your order is to be dispatched I'll send it to you guaranteed delivery or by courier.


Can I proof my finished portrait ?

See Q+A above.


Can any changes be made to my portrait once finished ?

Once a painting is varnished no changes can be made.

However, I don't varnish portraits until they have been proofed and verified as finished by the customer. Changes can be made at this stage - but only relatively minor ones.


How is the surface of my portrait finished ?

I brush my portraits with two coats of acrylic solution satin polymer varnish, manufactured by 'Golden'.

The solution also has UV filters to block out any harmful rays. Although this isn't necessary as the fine art acrylic paints I use are permanent and 100% colourfast!

The finished result is moisture proof and can be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with a light detergent solution. For more info on the varnish visit:


Can I clean my portrait without damaging it ?

See Q+A above.


Will my pet portrait fade over time ?

See Q+A above.


What medium do you use to create your portraits ?

I use Daler-Rowney Cryla paints.

These are quality 'Artist's heavy body acrylic colours'. I much prefer these paints and avoid using cheaper 'student' quality media. For more info on the paints visit:


Do I have to pay any money before seeing my pet portrait ?

I want you to be confident that your money will be well spent!

I also need to know that your commission is genuine. So I take a 30% deposit up-front, before I start the painting. This is not refundable. However, my guarantee is this -

"If you're not happy with the finished portrait you're not obligated beyond the initial deposit!" Instead the portrait will remain my property.

To date I haven't had any unhappy customers and I'm confident you'll be nothing but pleased with your finished portrait!


Do you offer a money back guarantee ?

See Q+A above.


How do I make payment ?

After proofing your portrait pay the balance. Once cleared into my account I'll dispatch the painting to you.

You have a couple of options:

A ... Pop a cheque in the post
B ... Pay securely with your credit or debit card using PayPal®
I'll set up a personal payment page for you, which is a faster option if your portrait is needed in a rush. This is also the preferred payment method if you live outside the UK.


Is it safe to use my credit card ?

My website uses a PayPal® shopping cart system to process your transactions.

PayPal® is a secure and trusted online payment method, and you can be assured all purchases are 100% secure accepting a wide range of cards including - Visa, MasterCard, Delta, Electron, Switch, Solo, eCheck, American Express and more.

You can be confident that your transaction is protected, indicated by the padlock icon in the browser window when typing in your credit or debit card details.


Is PayPal® complicated to use ?

It's simple!

A/ When you want to order a pet portrait or gift voucher using PayPal® simply click on an 'Add to Basket' button.

B/ You'll be taken to the shopping basket summary page where you can see what you've added. You can remove products, amend quantities and return to browsing so you can continue selecting items adding them to your shopping basket.

C/ To view your basket at any stage just click on the 'View Basket button'.

D/ Once you're happy with your chosen items, and have checked your basket, to buy them click on the Checkout button to link to the PayPal® secure payment page to complete your order. Fill in your postage and payment details - and remember - this page is secure indicated by the padlock icon in the browser window.

E/ A confirmation page will be displayed once your order has been successfully placed. Also, an email receipt confirming the order will be sent both to me and to the email address you entered on the payment page.

F/ Your credit card is then deducted by the total amount. Once finished (and the balance paid) your portrait will be dispatched by an appropriate postal service or courier. Portraits can be dispatched worldwide.

Card transactions are automatically authorised in real-time by PayPal® meaning I never need to see your card details.


How long does it take to paint my portrait, and have it delivered to me ?

Most paintings take as little as one week to complete. Others, depending on their degree of complexity and size, may take a number of weeks.

(I usually work on more than one painting at once to give my creativity a rest).

I will, however, do my absolute best to meet deadlines for each commission ordered, but this depends on my current work in progress and commitments.

So, although portraits painted in acrylics can be completed at a minimum of 1 week, under normal circumstances please allow 3-4 weeks before being ready for collection or delivery to avoid disappointment.

Allow extra time for shipping, which can be up to 5-7 working days for customers outside the UK.



Do you guarantee delivery in time for Christmas ?

I can't guarantee delivery for Christmas however to date I've never missed a festive deadline! It's best you order your portrait as early as possible as my number of Christmas orders increases every year, and I do have a first come first served policy!

Christmas orders are best placed by September or October to assure delivery in time for Christmas.

The alternative is to purchase a gift voucher. See Q+A below.


Do you offer gift vouchers ?

Yes, I do!

You can buy a gift voucher securely and easily using your credit or debit card. I use PayPal®, which is a safe and trusted online payment processing system.

I'll create an attractive, personalised gift voucher - which I'll email to you - to print and present as a gift! After printing, fold and trim it, and you'll have a folded, double sided voucher which you can pop in an envelope!

For more info simply click on the gift voucher button at the top of any page on my website!
Or click here.


Do you paint human portraits ?

Yes I do, and I would be delighted to take on such a commission!

Although my website is primarily animal portraiture I have, from time to time, created portrait studies which include people. I'm confident you would be delighted with the end result.

Simply include accurate, quality photos with your order, and remember my satisfaction guarantee still applies.


What is the cost for human or human/pet portrait studies ?

Pricing is the same as for pets except please add 20% of the cost (for the human subject) on to the the final total.

This covers the extra work and expertise required for human studies. Contact me for more info.


Can I have pets and humans in the same painting ?

No problem!

Photo editing comes free with each order, and I can easily edit subjects from different photos into the reference I'll work from.

See Q+A above.


Would you create a portrait of an exotic or unusual pet ?

I welcome any subject matter to work from! The more unusual the better! Please do get in touch if you have an exotic pet or animal.


Can I have my portrait framed ?

Yes, I now offer a framing service.

You can either allow me to choose the most suitable moulding for your portrait, or you can choose from my range of frames when placing your order.

Bear in mind there is a wide variety of sizes on display and not every moulding will suite every canvas size. Contact me if you want my opinion on what to choose. Also the selection of mouldings may change without notice so availability may fluctuate.

Note: The final frame price may change if you choose a more or
less expensive moulding.

Alternatively, order your portrait unframed and arrange this yourself at a local picture framer.

I don't mount portraits under glass and post these as there is the risk of breakage.

See the frames page for more information, and to see what mouldings are available..


Can I have a copy of my painting ?

Yes, you can.

I can supply you with quality copies of your finished portrait as fine art giclée prints.

These prints are on heavy weight cotton fibre paper, printed with Epson UltraChrome inks, with a light fastness of up to 75 years. They can be printed at any size - which is great if you want a copy of a large portrait.

Prints of your portrait are perfect as gifts for other members of the family!

See the prices page for costs.


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