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About the Artist - Steven Patrick Sim
So, I guess you might be curious to know a bit more about me!

Well, I'm Scottish born and bred. Arriving 1969, in Arbroath Angus on the east coast of Scotland. Lived here all my life! It's a town full of history and character, with some terrific coastal scenery!

I've always wanted to be an artist - right back to my school days! In fact I was very much influenced and encouraged by my mother, Scottish artist Sheena Christie, who herself has been a portrait artist since 1979! She's created thousands of paintings in her career to date!
Steven Patrick Sim

As a self taught artist, looking back, I'm real glad I decided not to go to university to further my art education. So many students are graduating stereotyped with no clear goals in mind, with too few jobs on offer!

With now nine years experience in my own business as a professional artist, and a rapidly expanding portfolio of work, I'm real happy where I'm at in life!

Painting my customer's much loved pets
...and seeing their reaction, gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction from my work!

Painting pet portraits since 1988

In fact, as far back as 1988 I started painting! Working freelance with oils and acrylics. I painted pet portraits (as well as wild life), landscapes and still life, always wanting to capture a sense of realism in my work. Local restaurants commissioned me to paint still life compositions of fine foods such as wines, cheeses and fruit, with flowers also being quite popular.

Two years later, in 1990, I had a slight change of direction when I took employment as a graphic designer. This not only widened my horizons as an artist, but also introduce me to a whole new experience - working with computers and
the exciting creativity possible by digital media.

Despite this new line of work I still continued to paint as a hobby.

However, after 11 years working in graphics, latterly in a senior role, I decided it was really time to make some BIG changes! I resigned and set myself up as a freelance artist and graphic designer, with the business name dreambox®, offering amongst other things websites for my customers.

This was a real bonus as I was able to design and build all my own websites, including this one -!

However, my real motivation for going solo was I wanted to start painting again, as this had always been my
original passion!

Painting animals was something I had really missed!

One thing I can say for sure that has never changed over the years is my fondness for animals! My family has always had pets - dogs, cats, gerbils, budgies, even snakes. A house without one (or two or more!) is hard to imagine!

So, for me right now, painting animal and pet portraits is the only thing I want to be doing!

I'm really pleased to now launch my updated pet portrait website! Have a look around, and if you have any questions please get in touch!

Enjoy your visit


About Pet PortraitsOrdering and ProofingPhoto EditingPrintsAbout the Artist
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